Palazzo Castelletti Rabat - Home – A combination of arts, catering and retail
Palazzo Castelletti
62, St Paul’s Street Rabat - Malta
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The Shelter


At the very base of the property , one finds the Shelters dug out during WWII. The shelters that take off from the winding staircase in the cellars are truly remarkable for their magnitude. Hacked by hand-picks, it is truly impressive to lose oneself in the labyrinth of tunnels far beneath the surface and experience the way the Maltese people sought refuge from the rain of German and Italian bombardments during the war.

These Shelters span a total length of 100 m with an average 1.5m width. There are also individual rooms on either side of this span. Having undergone a cleanout and restoration , these shelters would prove to be a trilling experience once they would  be transformed into a wartime experience.