Palazzo Castelletti Rabat - Home – A combination of arts, catering and retail
Palazzo Castelletti
62, St Paul’s Street Rabat - Malta
Historic • Arachnology • restaurant • coffee shop • retail • wine bar • culture •arts


The Courtyard

The courtyard which will be used as a coffee shop and can also double as a further outdoor area for the restaurant has been re-tiled with hard rock flagstone. Surely the most important feature in the courtyard is an overpowering statue of St. Andrew which is given a full and required restoration. A new structure was built to replace a number of rooms built in the 1970s, this overlying the Roman remains to serve both as protection for the ancient site and as a modern structure to serve as a restaurant with an overlaying kitchen. A panoramic lift and light weight contemporary designed stairs have been installed spanning from the basement area up to the roof-top.