Palazzo Castelletti Rabat - Home – A combination of arts, catering and retail
Palazzo Castelletti
62, St Paul’s Street Rabat - Malta
Historic • Arachnology • restaurant • coffee shop • retail • wine bar • culture •arts


The Cellars

An impressive series of interconnecting vaults lie below the stately rooms of the palazzo. The vaults boast continuous rows of arches that support the massive limestone slabs and are a typical example of outstanding historical Maltese architectural mastery. The walls and flooring are eloquently matched with rendered stone slabs and limestone flagstones. The cellar which once used to be used to store and ferment wine for the Castelletti family and their guests will be the venue for a wine bar and wine cellar. The Cellers have been restored , having gone through all the pointing, rescue and restoration of the flagstone flooring, replacing and fixing of stones, slabs and cobbles. This section of the property is,by us, considered as the soul of the project. Thus giving the place renewed energy and a new lease of life.