Palazzo Castelletti Rabat - Home – A combination of arts, catering and retail
Palazzo Castelletti
62, St Paul’s Street Rabat - Malta
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Antonin Blanc - Marsovin 75cl


A barrel fermented wine produced from Chardonnay grapes from the Ramla Valley Estate in Gozo.


Savina Artichoke Pate 135g

A delicate blend of artichokes, cheese, nuts and garlic make this Artichoke Pate an exquisite pasta sauce or may even be used as a dip. (box of 12)


Savina Basil Pate 135g

Basil, cheese and pine nuts make this Basil Pate an excellent pasta sauce. It may also be used as a dip.

(box of 12)


Zeppi's Honey Liqueur - 35cl

Zeppi's Honey Liqueur produced from Maltese Honey (Ghasel).


Savina Olive Pate 135g

The finest selection of black and green olives, capers and olive oil make this Olive Pate a must taste delight and is ideal both with pasta or on its own, as a dip.

(box of 12)


Savina Sweet and Chilli 135g

A mild Piquant pate made with Sweet Chilli Peppers. Ideal as a pasta sauce or may be used as a dip.

(box of 12)